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ShowCockpit v2.2.2 - Latest Version
- M-PC: added LUA function "GetGroupName"
- M-PC: add connection timeout option to wait for M-PC to start before aborting element enable
- Verbose logging on all elements for control events and function triggers

- M-PC: fix LUA function "SelectCuelist"
- M-PC: fix bug with multiple executions of "Encoder Step" function from the same button press event
- Generic MIDI: sending init values
- Avoid need for restart sometimes on loading a new project
ShowCockpit v2.2.1
- MA2: control executors (faders and buttons) on a fixed page
- Resolume: update to Resolume 6
- Resolume: add functions to control layer master, layer audio level and layer video opacity
- Virtual Trackball: added toggle option
- LUA: Added "EncoderRotate" functions for encoder functions
- MIDI: allow connection of only input or output device
- Other minor improvements
ShowCockpit v2.2.0
- REAPER - Web: controls REAPER using the web-remote interface
ShowCockpit v2.1.0
- LTC Output: Outputs a timecode (LTC/SMPTE) signal

- Performance improvement when moving several faders at the same time
- Button Group Feedback driver: added toggle option for feedback
- M-PC driver: Added cuelist action "Select" to select cuelists from playback buttons and submaster buttons
- UI: auto-scroll so next control is visible after assigning a function