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About Log Levels

Understand the log levels and what they are used for

The Log Level in Element Options

Every show element includes an option to change the "Log Level".

Log levels are useful to debug the status of an element. If you want to get more information about an element (for example, you might want to print a message when an OSC element receives an OSC message), you can change the level to "Verbose". Certain levels will show the message on the console with a colored tag (red for errors, orange for warnings and green for success).

Available Levels

  • Critical: Critical, severe and fatal errors that disable the element
  • Error: Something went wrong
  • Warning: Something went wrong, but operation can continue (default level)
  • Information: Information about element operation
  • Verbose: Debug information

You should only define a lower log level if you really need, because logging messages to the console consumes CPU resources. Leave the CPU power for other (more important) tasks, such as processing control events and triggering functions.