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About Registration

All information about registration, license transfer and recovery on this page


Open the License screen in the application and use the credentials you were given after purchasing your license.

Note: You will need Internet connection for this step.

Moving the license between computers

You can move the license between computers by clicking the "Un-register" button on the application and then follow the registration procedure in the new computer.

Note: You will need Internet connection for this step.

Recovering a lost registration

If you happen to be installing on the same computer after a disk format operation, you can just try to re-register the license - it may work and override the previous registration, as long as the hardware is exactly the same.

If the above condition does not apply, the only way to recover a license from an installation you have no longer access to is by using the Recovery Password.
This Recovery Password was given to you when you registered your license on your previous computer.

Please click on "Recover License" on the License tab and use your e-mail and the Recovery Password to unlock that previous registration.

Note: You will need Internet connection for this step.

In case that does not work, it can either be one of these two reasons only:

  • No Internet connection: double check your connection and firewall settings
  • Wrong recovery password: the recovery password is different from PC to PC, so double check if you are using the right recovery password

In case you lost your Recovery Password and access to the previous installation, you can add Extra PCs to your account through the Upgrade page.