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Convert MTC to LTC

Using RD/ShowCockpit to listen to MTC (MIDI Timecode) signal and converting it to an audio LTC SMPTE signal to audio hardware interface (sound card).

1. Create a new project

If you want to start fresh, open RD/ShowCockpit and create a new project.

2. Add the required elements

On the Elements section, click the Add button to add the required elements to the project:

External Control > Timecode > LTC Output

External Control > Timecode > MTC Input

Click the toggle buttons on the left side of the elements to enable them.

3. Configure Elements Options

If you click on one element in your project (under the Elements tab), its options are displayed on the right sidebar.

In case the default options do not suit your needs, you can use these options to select the Output Device and its sampling rates for the LTC Output element and also the input MIDI device for the MTC Input element.

You should also set the FPS (Frames-Per-Second) to a sensible value for both input and output (they can be different, if needed).

4. Map the MTC Input to LTC Output

Open the Mapping section and select the LTC Output element on the left. Select the Timecode Sync Function.

Then select the MTC Input on the right list (controls) and assign the previously selected function to the Timecode Sync Control by clicking it under the Others tab.