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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / MIDI / ICON iControls

Interface with ICON iControls device (User Preset can be uploaded by opening the element)

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    Element Options

Input Device

The input device

Output Device

The output device


Send Raw MIDI Message   LUA Script

Sends a MIDI message to the connected controller
  • MIDI Message: Desired message to send (e.g. "90 0A 5F")


L1 Fader 1   Fader
L1 Fader 2   Fader
L1 Fader 3   Fader
L1 Fader 4   Fader
L1 Fader 5   Fader
L1 Fader 6   Fader
L1 Fader 7   Fader
L1 Fader 8   Fader
L1 Fader 9   Fader
L1 Button Up 1   Button
L1 Button Up 2   Button
L1 Button Up 3   Button
L1 Button Up 4   Button
L1 Button Up 5   Button
L1 Button Up 6   Button
L1 Button Up 7   Button
L1 Button Up 8   Button
L1 Button Up 9   Button
L1 Button Down 1   Button
L1 Button Down 2   Button
L1 Button Down 3   Button
L1 Button Down 4   Button
L1 Button Down 5   Button
L1 Button Down 6   Button
L1 Button Down 7   Button
L1 Button Down 8   Button
L1 Button Down 9   Button
L1 Knob 1   Fader
L1 Knob 2   Fader
L1 Knob 3   Fader
L1 Knob 4   Fader
L1 Knob 5   Fader
L1 Knob 6   Fader
L1 Knob 7   Fader
L1 Knob 8   Fader
L1 Knob 9   Fader
L2 Fader 1   Fader
L2 Fader 2   Fader
L2 Fader 3   Fader
L2 Fader 4   Fader
L2 Fader 5   Fader
L2 Fader 6   Fader
L2 Fader 7   Fader
L2 Fader 8   Fader
L2 Fader 9   Fader
L2 Button Up 1   Button
L2 Button Up 2   Button
L2 Button Up 3   Button
L2 Button Up 4   Button
L2 Button Up 5   Button
L2 Button Up 6   Button
L2 Button Up 7   Button
L2 Button Up 8   Button
L2 Button Up 9   Button
L2 Button Down 1   Button
L2 Button Down 2   Button
L2 Button Down 3   Button
L2 Button Down 4   Button
L2 Button Down 5   Button
L2 Button Down 6   Button
L2 Button Down 7   Button
L2 Button Down 8   Button
L2 Button Down 9   Button
L2 Knob 1   Fader
L2 Knob 2   Fader
L2 Knob 3   Fader
L2 Knob 4   Fader
L2 Knob 5   Fader
L2 Knob 6   Fader
L2 Knob 7   Fader
L2 Knob 8   Fader
L2 Knob 9   Fader
L3 Fader 1   Fader
L3 Fader 2   Fader
L3 Fader 3   Fader
L3 Fader 4   Fader
L3 Fader 5   Fader
L3 Fader 6   Fader
L3 Fader 7   Fader
L3 Fader 8   Fader
L3 Fader 9   Fader
L3 Button Up 1   Button
L3 Button Up 2   Button
L3 Button Up 3   Button
L3 Button Up 4   Button
L3 Button Up 5   Button
L3 Button Up 6   Button
L3 Button Up 7   Button
L3 Button Up 8   Button
L3 Button Up 9   Button
L3 Button Down 1   Button
L3 Button Down 2   Button
L3 Button Down 3   Button
L3 Button Down 4   Button
L3 Button Down 5   Button
L3 Button Down 6   Button
L3 Button Down 7   Button
L3 Button Down 8   Button
L3 Button Down 9   Button
L3 Knob 1   Fader
L3 Knob 2   Fader
L3 Knob 3   Fader
L3 Knob 4   Fader
L3 Knob 5   Fader
L3 Knob 6   Fader
L3 Knob 7   Fader
L3 Knob 8   Fader
L3 Knob 9   Fader
L4 Fader 1   Fader
L4 Fader 2   Fader
L4 Fader 3   Fader
L4 Fader 4   Fader
L4 Fader 5   Fader
L4 Fader 6   Fader
L4 Fader 7   Fader
L4 Fader 8   Fader
L4 Fader 9   Fader
L4 Button Up 1   Button
L4 Button Up 2   Button
L4 Button Up 3   Button
L4 Button Up 4   Button
L4 Button Up 5   Button
L4 Button Up 6   Button
L4 Button Up 7   Button
L4 Button Up 8   Button
L4 Button Up 9   Button
L4 Button Down 1   Button
L4 Button Down 2   Button
L4 Button Down 3   Button
L4 Button Down 4   Button
L4 Button Down 5   Button
L4 Button Down 6   Button
L4 Button Down 7   Button
L4 Button Down 8   Button
L4 Button Down 9   Button
L4 Knob 1   Fader
L4 Knob 2   Fader
L4 Knob 3   Fader
L4 Knob 4   Fader
L4 Knob 5   Fader
L4 Knob 6   Fader
L4 Knob 7   Fader
L4 Knob 8   Fader
L4 Knob 9   Fader
L1 Backward   Button
L1 Play   Button
L1 Forward   Button
L1 Loop   Button
L1 Stop   Button
L1 Rec   Button
L2 Backward   Button
L2 Play   Button
L2 Forward   Button
L2 Loop   Button
L2 Stop   Button
L2 Rec   Button
L3 Backward   Button
L3 Play   Button
L3 Forward   Button
L3 Loop   Button
L3 Stop   Button
L3 Rec   Button
L4 Backward   Button
L4 Play   Button
L4 Forward   Button
L4 Loop   Button
L4 Stop   Button
L4 Rec   Button