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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / MIDI / ICON QCon Pro

Interface with ICON QCon Pro in Reaper mode (press Daw Mode button while powering up and select Reaper mode)

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are my Replace and Solo buttons perceived as Rewind and Fast Forward?

Unfortunately, the mapping made by the manufacturer sends the same MIDI message on these two pairs of keys. Therefore, it is not possible to distinguish between them.

    Element Options

Input Device

The input device

Output Device

The output device


Send Raw MIDI Message   LUA Script

Sends a MIDI message to the connected controller
  • MIDI Message: Desired message to send (e.g. "90 0A 5F")

Timecode Display   Timecode

Shows a timecode signal in the display
  • FPS: Frames per second to display - one of {24 FPS, 25 FPS, 30 FPS}


Fader 1   Fader
Fader 2   Fader
Fader 3   Fader
Fader 4   Fader
Fader 5   Fader
Fader 6   Fader
Fader 7   Fader
Fader 8   Fader
Button Rec 1   Button
Button Rec 2   Button
Button Rec 3   Button
Button Rec 4   Button
Button Rec 5   Button
Button Rec 6   Button
Button Rec 7   Button
Button Rec 8   Button
Button Solo 1   Button
Button Solo 2   Button
Button Solo 3   Button
Button Solo 4   Button
Button Solo 5   Button
Button Solo 6   Button
Button Solo 7   Button
Button Solo 8   Button
Button Mute 1   Button
Button Mute 2   Button
Button Mute 3   Button
Button Mute 4   Button
Button Mute 5   Button
Button Mute 6   Button
Button Mute 7   Button
Button Mute 8   Button
Button Sel 1   Button
Button Sel 2   Button
Button Sel 3   Button
Button Sel 4   Button
Button Sel 5   Button
Button Sel 6   Button
Button Sel 7   Button
Button Sel 8   Button
Flip   Button
Channel <   Button
Channel >   Button
Bank <<   Button
Bank >>   Button
Display Name/Value   Button
Display SMPTE/Beats   Button
Option   Button
Control   Button
DAW Mode   Button
Shift   Button
F1   Button
F2   Button
F3   Button
F4   Button
F5   Button
F6   Button
F7   Button
F8   Button
Track   Button
Pan/Surround   Button
EQ   Button
Send   Button
Plug-in   Button
Instrument   Button
Group   Button
Read / Off   Button
Write   Button
Touch   Button
Latch   Button
Trim   Button
Marker   Button
Nudge   Button
Click   Button
Drop   Button
Rewind   Button
Loop   Button
Fast Forward   Button
Record   Button
Play   Button
Stop   Button
Scrub   Button
Zoom   Button
Up   Button
Down   Button
Left   Button
Right   Button
Master Fader   Fader
VPot 1   Button Encoder
VPot 2   Button Encoder
VPot 3   Button Encoder
VPot 4   Button Encoder
VPot 5   Button Encoder
VPot 6   Button Encoder
VPot 7   Button Encoder
VPot 8   Button Encoder
Jog Wheel   Encoder
LCD Track 1   Button Fader
LCD Track 2   Button Fader
LCD Track 3   Button Fader
LCD Track 4   Button Fader
LCD Track 5   Button Fader
LCD Track 6   Button Fader
LCD Track 7   Button Fader
LCD Track 8   Button Fader