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Driver Documentation for v3.17.1

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / Joysticks / Joystick

Interfaces with joysticks and gamepads

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my joystick ____ with this driver?

This driver makes use of a Windows interface that exposes generic joysticks and gamepads. If the joystick appears in the Windows control panel, you should be able to use it. But feel free to use this driver in DEMO mode to test it yourself.

Can I map the joystick buttons?

Yes. This driver exposes the Joystick/Gamepad axis and buttons, which you can link to any function you would like.

    Element Options

Input Device

The input device

Invert Axis 1

Inverts Axis 1 response

Invert Axis 2

Inverts Axis 2 response

Invert Axis 3

Inverts Axis 3 response


Button 1   Button
Button 2   Button
Button 3   Button
Button 4   Button
Button 5   Button
Button 6   Button
Button 7   Button
Button 8   Button
Button 9   Button
Button 10   Button
Button 11   Button
Button 12   Button
Axis 1   Axis
Axis 2   Axis
Axis 3   Axis
Slider 1   Fader
Slider 2   Fader
Slider 3   Fader
Rotation X   Axis
Rotation Y   Axis
Rotation Z   Axis