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Driver Documentation for v4.10.1

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / Art-Net / Art-Net Output

Outputs Art-Net in LTP fashion

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this driver unlock parameters on lighting softwares?

No. This is an independent Art-Net universe generator, which you can plug into other softwares that can receive Art-Net.

    Element Options

Local IP Address

The local IP address for the ArtNet node


Set to Off to unicast to a specific IP address

Remote IP Address

The IP address of the remote node

Remote Port

Remote Port

DMX Universe

DMX Universe (starts on 0)

Frequency (Hz)

Sending Frequency in Hz


Enable Element   Button LUA Script

Enable this element

Disable Element   Button LUA Script

Disable this element

Change Element Page   Button LUA Script

Changes the page on this element
  • Change Type: The change type - one of {Next, Previous, Go To}
  • Change to Page: Change to specific page, when Change Type is "Go To"

DMX Universe Sync   DMX LUA Script

Sync with a DMX Universe source

DMX Channel Level   Fader LUA Script

Sets the level of a DMX channel
  • DMX Channel: The channel number

DMX Channel Flash   Button LUA Script

Flashes a DMX channel
  • DMX Channel: The channel number
  • Flash Value: Desired channel value


DMX Universe Bypass   DMX