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Driver Documentation for v3.16.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / Art-Net / Art-Net Input

Receives Art-Net and generates control events.

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    Element Options

Local IP Address

The local IP address for the ArtNet node

Receiving Port

Receiving Port

DMX Universe

DMX Universe (starts on 0)

Start Channel

Receive starting channel

Channel Count

The number of channels to receive


Channel 1   Fader
Channel 2   Fader
Channel 3   Fader
Channel 4   Fader
Channel 5   Fader
Channel 6   Fader
Channel 7   Fader
Channel 8   Fader
Channel 9   Fader
Channel 10   Fader
DMX Universe Sync   DMXSync
DMX Channels Sync   DMXSync