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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / Art-Net / Art-Net Input

Receives Art-Net and generates control events.

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What is the difference between DMX Universe Sync and DMX Channels Sync?

The "DMX Universe Sync" carries information about the complete input Universe, whereas the "DMX Channels Sync" only contains information about the selected channels.

How many channels are available?

You can pick the available channels by tweaking the "Start Channel" and "Channel Count" options.

    Element Options

Local IP Address

The local IP address for the ArtNet node

Receiving Port

Receiving Port

DMX Universe

DMX Universe (starts on 0)

Start Channel

Receive starting channel

Channel Count

The number of channels to receive


Enable Element   Button LUA Script

Enable this element

Disable Element   Button LUA Script

Disable this element

Change Element Page   Button LUA Script

Changes the page on this element
  • Change Type: The change type - one of {Next, Previous, Go To}
  • Change to Page: Change to specific page, when Change Type is "Go To"

Refresh Element   LUA Script

Disable this element


Channel 1   Fader
Channel 2   Fader
Channel 3   Fader
Channel 4   Fader
Channel 5   Fader
Channel 6   Fader
Channel 7   Fader
Channel 8   Fader
Channel 9   Fader
Channel 10   Fader
DMX Universe Sync   DMX
DMX Channels Sync   DMX