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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

Lighting / Chroma-Q / Vista - MSC (3.0.19088)

Interface with Vista by Chroma-Q via MSC. Refer to Vista manual on how to enable MSC input.

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    Element Options

Output Device

The output device

Device ID

The MSC device ID as defined in File -> User Preferences -> MIDI tab


Send Raw MIDI Message   LUA Script

Sends a MIDI message to the connected controller
  • MIDI Message: Desired message to send (e.g. "90 0A 5F")

Cuelist Action   Button LUA Script

Releases the cuelist
  • Cuelist Number: Number of the cuelist to trigger
  • Action: The action to perform on the selected cuelist - one of {Go, Pause, Release, Go - Release, Jump to Cue}
  • Cue Number: Number of the cue to trigger

Release All   Button LUA Script

Release all in Vista

DBO Button   Button LUA Script

Generates a global blackout while the button is pressed.
  • Toggle: When enabled, this will toggle the state of the DBO button each time

Timecode Clock   Button LUA Script

Controls the Vista timecode clock
  • Action: The action to perform on the timecode clock - one of {Start, Stop}