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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

Utilities / DMX-512 / DMX Switch

Selects one DMX universe from 8 inputs. Auto-takeover based on priority can be used for input failure recovery.

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    Element Options

Enable Takeover

If enabled, the input will be selected based on the input priority. When used with Input Timeout, a fallback mechanism can be implemented (lower input number = higher priority).

Input Timeout (s)

Number of seconds to consider timeout on an input


DMX Input   DMX LUA Script

Receives DMX Universe
  • DMX Input Number: The input port number (up to 8)

Input Selector   Button Encoder Selector LUA Script

Selects one of the inputs for output
  • Action: The action to perform on the input list, when assigned to buttons. Selectors will always perform the Jump To action, encoders will perform Next/Previous when rotated right/left - one of {Next, Previous, Jump To}
  • Input Number: Number of the input


DMX Output   DMX