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ShowCockpit v3.3.0 - Latest Version
- Fader to Selector utility
- Korg nanoKEY Studio MIDI device

- Resolume Arena: select clip or column from a selector input control
- Generic OSC: new function "Send Message Text" to send text to an address via LUA
- Timecode window showing red color when timecode is not playing
- MA2: increased maximum encoder wheel number (allow control of screen encoders)
- MagicQ OSC: added encoder control to the Exec Window function

- MA2: fixed Highlight hardkey feedback
- Generic OSC: fixed a few exceptions on startup
- APC Mini: fixed exception when deleting element
- General: fixed some exceptions on startup
- Main Window: confirm close only if user is closing (do not ask on shutdown)
ShowCockpit v3.2.1
- Novation Launch Control XL MIDI Device

- MA2: Update target version to v3.7.0.1
- MA2: Added Hardkeys function
- MA2: added handling for the TouchFader event for executor faders
- MA2: Providing feedback for the hardkeys
- Onyx: Update target version to v4.2.1045.0
- MIDICON Pro: added "Ignore Pages" option
- Added ability to kill previous ShowCockpit process
- Project Section: Avoiding an error on startup
- Project Section: Dump exception when cannot continue project
- Exception dumps: include stack trace with line numbers and SC version
- API: added ControlEventType.FaderTouch

- MTC In: fixed GUI assuming 30 FPS
- UI: Element options can only be changed while element is disabled
- GUI: ShowCockpit icon on Timecode windows
ShowCockpit v3.1.1
- Chamsys MagicQ (OSC)

- Chamsys MagicQ: added "Attribute Scroll" function for encoders
- MA2: improved feedback rate, removed "Feedback Executor Count"
- Elgato StreamDeck: Update feedback with MA2 appearance
- Elgato StreamDeck: allow multiple device connections
- Elgato StreamDeck: "Rotation" option to allow rotation of images
- Settings: Startup delay only on windows startup
- API: Update MA2 executor feedback class to return a System.Drawing.Color from appearance
- API: Update MA2 executor feedback class to include progress of previous cue and next cue

- APC 20: fixed fader latching problem
- APC 40: fixed fader latching problem
ShowCockpit v3.0.3
- Released Developer API for Pro users

- MA Dot2 Driver
- Encoder Invert utlity driver
- Fader Invert utlity driver
- Button Flash Feedback utility driver

- Chamsys Magic OSC

- Chamsys MagicQ OSC Pre-Release: fixed feedback
Recommended System Hardware
  • Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • Intel Core i5 processor 6th Generation+
  • 8 GB+ RAM
  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Widescreen monitor 1280x768 resolution
  • User account must be local administrator
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