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ShowCockpit v4.1.0 - Latest Version
- Avolites Titan (v14) web API driver
- [Pre-Release] Bitfocus Companion
- [Pre-Release] PSN Receiver
- [Pre-Release] PSN Tracker
ShowCockpit v4.0.26
ShowCockpit Major Release
- Please backup your showfile before installing this version.

- ASL MK-F5B20 MIDI Controller
- ASL MK-B25 MIDI Controller
- ASL MK-B10 MIDI Controller
- ASL MK-E4B3 MIDI Controller

- Elements: now shown as a 2D Layout
- Elements: some elements show special information in the 2D Layout (Timers, Counters, Timecode, etc.)
- Elements: new search functionality when adding elements
- Elements: creating a link between two elements will bring you to the mapping screen
- Elements: double-clicking a link between two elements will also bring you to the respective mapping
- Elements: right-clicking a link will give a few options, including a new Debug option
- Elements: all elements have now pages, allowing to have different mappings per page
- Elements: "Add" option on context menu adds element in place
- Mapping: description of functions include a list of compatible control types
- Mapping: new "layout" mapping tab that can resemble the physical controls in the device
- Mapping: control tab is selected based on the selected function
- Mapping: "Selector" controls type moved to the "Others" tab
- Drivers: all drives will have additional functions "Enable Element", "Disable Element", "Change Page"
- UI: more button icons for more user-friendly interface
- UI: bottom-right corner shows the last triggered function(s)
- UI: New "Network" section that shows information about the network
- UI-Console: use keyboard keys (up, down, page-up, page-down) to navigate through the console log
- UI-Console: Using mouse wheel to scroll console logs
- LUA: "Function Reference" and "LUA Help" tabs now have icons
- General: Restore window state on show load
- General: Added mechanism to help detect mapping loops
- Generic MIDI: more user-friendly UI
- Generic OSC: more user-friendly UI
- Generic OSC: fixed auto address naming
- MA2: hardkeys list is alphabetically sorted
- Other internal improvements

- UI-Console: fixed order of messages sometimes not appearing correctly
- UI-Console: fixed "save all logs" sometimes not working
- UI-Console: fixed DPI scaling issues
- UI-Console: fixed resize drawing glitch
- Other minor bug-fixes
- X-Touch Compact: fixed bug regarding the final position of the faders when touching them
- [4.0.23] Novation Launchpad: fixed LED feedback on initialization
- [4.0.25] Fixed a small display glitch in console view
- [4.0.25] PSN driver in Pre-Release (PRO version)
- [4.0.26] Fixed a problem in loading showfiles with empty pages
ShowCockpit v3.17.1
- Pangolin Beyond - OSC

- Mapping: added ability to set delay for commands
- MagicQ OSC: adding verbose message to show output OSC address
- LTC Input: added "Auto" sample rate option
- SC API: update version number
- Onyx-OSC: new function "Parameter Button" to activate Base/FX parameters
- Onyx-OSC: new function "Screen Encoder" - controls the right-side screen encoders in Onyx
- CC Encoder to Fader - parameter move amount maximum increased to 10
- Generic MIDI: Prettier error message that is displayed when enabling learn while the element is disabled
- MA2: update version compatibility

- General: make it mandatory to create a new show when opening the application for the first time
- Onyx OSC: Fixed bug GrandMaster Fader controlling FlashMaster
- Onyx OSC: fixed bug shifting OSC bank on Jump To option
- Settings: correctly loading Auto-Save Interval
ShowCockpit v3.16.2
- MADRIX driver (via HTTP)

- LUA: added new function "IncludeLUAElement" to include another element's script code
- LUA: tracking code execution - next step: highlight line when error occurs
- Keyboard: improved modifier keys handling
- Onyx OSC can now bind to a local IP and Port
- Feedback Handling filters by compatible control type

- Launchpad MK2: missing top buttons feedback
- MA3: update compatibility with v1.1.4.2 - functions "Hardkey", "Encoder Wheel", "GrandMaster Encoder" and "GrandMaster Fader" removed.
- Dot2: Update driver compatible version
- [v3.16.1] "Madrix - HTTP" renamed to "MADRIX - HTTP" and moved to the lighting section
- [v3.16.2] Button to Encoder available for Basic accounts
Recommended System Hardware
  • Windows 10 Pro (64 bits)
  • Intel Core i5 processor 6th Generation+
  • 8 GB+ RAM
  • 100 MB available disk space
  • Widescreen monitor 1280x768 resolution
  • User account must be local administrator
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