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ShowCockpit v3.6.1 - Latest Version
- KORG nanoKONTROL Studio
- CC Button Invert (utility that inverts button events)
- CC Button to Fader (control a virtual fader with button presses)

- Mapping UI: add option to suppress Trigger and/or Feedback on each assignment
- Mapping UI: showing lightning icon in functions that provide feedback
- MA2: update compatibility with grandMA2 v3.7.0.5
- MA2: update "Executor Fader Fixed" and "Executor Button Fixed" functions description.
- QLab OSC: added passcode authentication
- LTC Input: added audio input level indication (BETA)
- General: showing warning on startup if not running on Windows 10 64 bits
- StreamDeck: Refresh removes feedback cache in case button has no mapping anymore
- Load-Save: Removed "ShowCockpit" prefix in the suggested filename

- Keyboard Keys: fixed wrong key identification when Caps Lock was enabled
- Encoder to Fader: feedback updates virtual fader level
- Resolume: fixed "Trigger Clip" and "Trigger Column" functions not listening to Button Release event
- UDP Connections: small concurrency bug fixes
- MIDICON Pro: fixed disable on error on feedback
- Control Convert - Fader to Selector: was showing as DEMO

- Updated to API v3.10
- Added "providesFeedback" parameter to Function constructor
- Added "ProvidesFeedback" boolean attribute to Function class
ShowCockpit v3.5.0
- Figure 53 QLab (OSC)

- Resolume Arena: new function "Comp. Deck Selection" to select next and previous decks
- LTC In: showing red color when not receiving
- LTC In: added the "Started Receiving" and "Stopped Receiving" controls
- MTC In: added LUA function "Is Receiving"
- MTC In: added the "Started Receiving" and "Stopped Receiving" controls
- General: showing warning when renaming elements to change any references to the old name
- Countdown Timer: added "Reached Zero" control
- Countdown Timer: improved GUI - added Play, Stop and Reset buttons
- Counter Driver: improved GUI - added Increment, Decrement and Reset buttons
- Onyx: "Parameter Scroll" function "Scroll Amount" parameter maximum increased to 100
- Dev API: added TriggerButtonControlClick function to the ShowElement class

- MTC In: fixed red color when not receiving
- General: Fixed clicking "continue" would try to re-enable the elements if show was already loaded
ShowCockpit v3.4.0
- Countdown Timer
- Counter

- Novation Launchpad MK2: auto feedback from MA2 executor appearance
- StreamDeck: new functions for overlaying text
- General: implemented optional auto-save project (enable in settings)

- General: Avoid exception when continuing an empty project
- Elements Group Paging: Fixed startup exception with empty list of pages
ShowCockpit v3.3.0
- Fader to Selector utility
- Korg nanoKEY Studio MIDI device

- Resolume Arena: select clip or column from a selector input control
- Generic OSC: new function "Send Message Text" to send text to an address via LUA
- Timecode window showing red color when timecode is not playing
- MA2: increased maximum encoder wheel number (allow control of screen encoders)
- MagicQ OSC: added encoder control to the Exec Window function

- MA2: fixed Highlight hardkey feedback
- Generic OSC: fixed a few exceptions on startup
- APC Mini: fixed exception when deleting element
- General: fixed some exceptions on startup
- Main Window: confirm close only if user is closing (do not ask on shutdown)
Recommended System Hardware
  • Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • Intel Core i5 processor 6th Generation+
  • 8 GB+ RAM
  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Widescreen monitor 1280x768 resolution
  • User account must be local administrator
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