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ShowCockpit v3.12.1 - Latest Version
- MA3 via OSC

- OSC implementation extended to allow True/False types of messages

- UI-Mapping: fixed "Other" tab for MIDI data type
ShowCockpit v3.11.0
- ICON Q-Con Pro
- Onyx - OSC

- Added extra logged messages on Verbose mode
ShowCockpit v3.10.5
- HTTP Server Driver
- Control Convert Button To Encoder

- MIDI: automatically reassign input/output device when there is a 1-to-1 name match between configured device and detected devices
- MIDI: Raw MIDI Control and Function added
- Generic OSC: new function "Send Message" to send OSC message with no values
- Generic OSC: new function "Send Message Integer" to send message with integer value
- ArtNet Input: added "DMX Channels Sync" control to filter input DMX data
- Artnet Input: increased max channel count to 512
- ArtNet Output: log message changed from Warning to Verbose
- UI: showing element driver name on the log when error is thrown while adding element
- Stream Deck: refactoring driver
- API Connector: reject connections with a different API version
- Shared API: v3.12

- LUA: fixed broken SetVar method
- MIDI: fixed Refresh of devices list only working for the first element on project
- Generic MIDI: fixed initialization of controls list
- Generic MIDI: bug fix on motorized faders feedback sometimes skipping feedback
- General: fixed exception when duplicating element
- General: fixed duplicate element referencing original element options
- Onyx: fixed hanging reference on disposal
- UI: Options List - avoid losing configuration for missing combobox selection item
- v3.10.1: Fixed elements feedback not working
- v3.10.4: StreamDeckV2 is working correctly in the normal StreamDeck driver
- v3.10.4: Resetting settings when settings.json file is invalid
- v3.10.5: Fixed MIDI Show Element Refresh exception
ShowCockpit v3.9.1
- Icon I-Controls MIDI device

- CC Button To Encoder utility driver (BETA)

- StreamDeck: performance improvements
- UI: right-click console view to add message to log
- Onyx: update compatibility with 4.2.1057.0

- Dot2: fixed executor appearance feedback
- MA2: fixed message for Executor Fader action
- BCF2000: do not disable element if an exception occurs while sending feedback to the device
- AkaiAPC20: fixed reported value when button pressed (causing LUA scripts get last value to fail)
- AkaiAPC40: fixed reported value when button pressed (causing LUA scripts get last value to fail)
- Akai APC40 Mk2: fixed invalid operation on disposing element
- Akai APC40Mk2: fixed thread safety
- Ableton Push: fixed thread safety
- Elements Group Paging: fixed thread safety
- Elements Group Paging: fixed cyclic behaviour that could result in a dead-lock
- CC Axis to Fader: fixed free use for Basic users
Recommended System Hardware
  • Windows 10 Pro (64 bits)
  • Intel Core i5 processor 6th Generation+
  • 8 GB+ RAM
  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Widescreen monitor 1280x768 resolution
  • User account must be local administrator
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