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ShowCockpit v2.23.0 - Latest Version
- Chroma-Q Vista 3 Driver (via MIDI Show Control)
- Fader to Encoder free utility

- Keyboard Emulator
- Chamsys MagicQ Remote

- Assignment control now hides parameters that are hidden by definition
- Generic OSC: Added extra Information messages, protected against cross-thread executions
- Generic MIDI: UI - "Learn" checkbox is now orange instead of blue

- Enttec OpenDMX: fixed device enumeration
- Generic MIDI: fix error when learning from input and the new row is selected
- Onyx: fixed error shown when moving faders for the first time
- General: fixed duplicated element referencing the same mapping as the source element
- General: avoiding deadlocks when executing functions in a loop
- General: protected calculation of next parameters hint against exceptions
ShowCockpit v2.22.1
- Enttec OpenDMX
- DMX Generator Utility (FREE)
- Timecode Offset Utility (FREE)

- Keyboard Emulator
- Chamsys MagicQ Remote

- UI: ability to show/hide options based on custom conditions
- ArtNet Input: generate DMX sync event
- ArtNet Output: can receive DMX sync event
- MA2: sending extra Executor feedback, maintain retro-compatibility

- Generic OSC: fixed need for restart after adding a new element
- Keyboard Emulator: fixed arrow keys; using Virtual Keys instead of scan codes
ShowCockpit v2.21.2
- Akai APC Key 25

- Keyboard Emulator
- Chamsys MagicQ Remote

- REAPER: added "Go To Marker" function "Fixed" action to jump to a given marker
- MA2: new LUA functions "Get Executor Previous Cue", "Get Executor Current Cue", "Get Executor Next Cue", "Get Executor Cue Progress"
- LUA: auto convert List to a LUA table
- MTC/LTC In/Out: Added "Freewheel Time (ms)" option - Maximum number of milliseconds to estimate timecode without input. Zero = Infinite
- UI: Improved feedback on connection for registration step
- UI: improved console refresh-rate
- General: catching exceptions, showing error and dumping to a file
- General: launched threads in drivers have now a safe execution (exceptions are printed to console and dumped to file)
- General: auto-restart control execution thread in case it fails

- LTC Out: do not auto-play on enable
- LTC Out: when sync is lost, stop audio output
ShowCockpit v2.20.0
- LTC Input: SMPTE Timecode input from the audio device

- Keyboard Emulator: emulates key presses

- General: added ability to duplicate elements
- General: exceptions should be thrown in English language
- General: Added "Help" button on the elements options
- Onyx: new function "Screen Encoder" to control the right-side screen encoders
- LTC Out: default sampling rate is 44100 Hz instead of 48000 Hz
- MA2: improved description of option "Sync Pages"

- Load-Save: fixed errors on startup
- MA2: prevent error on axis repeat thread
- MTC Out: fixed sync issues/jumps
- LTC Out: fixed sync issues/jumps
- LTC In: fixed default device search
- LTC In: added input channel number option
- LTC In: Added GUI
- REAPER: only send TC Sync event when playing
- APC40 Mk1/Mk2: fixed jumpy LED ring feedback
- APC20, 40Mk1, 40Mk2: Fixed bug on setting ON/OFF feedback by clicking the physical buttons
- Other minor fixes
Recommended System Hardware
  • Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • Intel Core i5 processor 6th Generation+
  • 8 GB+ RAM
  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Widescreen monitor 1280x768 resolution
  • User account must be local administrator
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