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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

External Control / MIDI / ASL MK2-E4B3

Interface with MK2-E4B3 boards by

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    Element Options

Input Device

The input device

Output Device

The output device

Min Button Intensity

Minimum intensity for the buttons (lower numbers are dimmer)

Max Button Intensity

Maximum intensity for the buttons (higher numbers are brighter)


Enable Element   Button LUA Script

Enable this element

Disable Element   Button LUA Script

Disable this element

Change Element Page   Button LUA Script

Changes the page on this element
  • Change Type: The change type - one of {Next, Previous, Go To}
  • Change to Page: Change to specific page, when Change Type is "Go To"

Refresh Element   LUA Script

Disable this element

Send Raw MIDI Message   Button LUA Script

Sends a MIDI message to the connected controller
  • MIDI Message: Desired message to send (e.g. "90 0A 5F")

Send MIDI Data   MIDI Data LUA Script

Sends raw MIDI data to the output


MIDI Data   MIDI Data
Encoder 1   Encoder
Encoder 2   Encoder
Encoder 3   Encoder
Encoder 4   Encoder
Encoder Button 1   Button
Encoder Button 2   Button
Encoder Button 3   Button
Encoder Button 4   Button
Button 1   Button
Button 2   Button
Button 3   Button