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The #1 software application to control and integrate multiple devices in real-time.

Controlling Audio, Video, Lighting and Effects has never been easier.

About ShowCockpit

RD/ShowCockpit is the next-generation show integration tool!

By integrating features from the previous applications (MPCTools and GMA2Tools) and extending capabilities with further options, RD/ShowCockpit comes as the perfect tool to control and integrate multiple show elements in real-time: audio, video and lighting!


Plug-in Based

Each driver provides an interface with a specific device or protocol. Check available drivers

Custom Mapping

Check out the Academy for examples, how-to's and tutorials on flexible mapping of controls (faders, buttons, encoders, etc.) to multiple functions.


An open-source API will allow you to interface with a custom application or contribute with your own drivers to the community. Check out the Wiki for more details.


RD/ShowCockpit is an active project with constant updates with additional drivers and features.


Join the Facebook users group to discuss and share ideas.


Basic Version

Starting at €30

Starter Kit
Purchase only the drivers you need.

Upgradable to Pro
Upgrade to Pro is available afterwards for a fixed amount.

Multiple Computers
Up to 2 optional Extra PCs

Pro Version

€319 - ON SALE: €279

All drivers included
You can use any of the available drivers, including drivers that will be added in future updates.

Pre-Release Drivers
Unlimited use of pre-release drivers

LUA Scripting Engine
Script execution for advanced users

Custom Drivers
Ability to use community or custom drivers

Existing Basic users can use the Upgrade page to add new drivers in their account.