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The #1 software application to control and integrate multiple devices in real-time.

Controlling Audio, Video, Lighting and Effects has never been easier.

About ShowCockpit

RD/ShowCockpit is the next-generation show integration tool!

By integrating features from the previous applications (MPCTools and GMA2Tools) and extending capabilities with further options, RD/ShowCockpit comes as the perfect tool to control and integrate multiple show elements in real-time: audio, video and lighting!


Plug-in Based

Each driver provides an interface with a specific device or protocol. Check available drivers

Custom Mapping

Check out the Academy for examples, how-to's and tutorials on flexible mapping of controls (faders, buttons, encoders, etc.) to multiple functions.


RD/ShowCockpit is an active project with constant updates with additional drivers and features.


Join the Facebook users group to discuss and share ideas.


Basic Version

Starting at €30

Starter Kit
Purchase only the drivers you need.

Upgradable to Pro
Upgrade to Pro is available afterwards for a fixed amount.

Multiple Computers
Up to 2 optional Extra PCs

Pro Version


All drivers included
You can use any of the available drivers, including drivers that will be added in future updates.

Pre-Release Drivers
Unlimited use of pre-release drivers and exclusive access to features prior to release

LUA Scripting Engine
Script execution for advanced users

Unlimited Extra Computers
PRO accounts don't have a limit on the number of extra computer upgrades. Contact us for special prices.

Existing Basic users can use the Upgrade page to add new drivers in their account.