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Driver Documentation for v4.11.2

This page contains documentation of the available drivers.

Utilities / Control Convert / Fader To Encoder

An element that converts faders to encoder events

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does this driver work?

This driver converts fader position into virtual encoder turns. If the fader is in the middle position, the virtual encoder is stopped. Increasing the position from the center will progressively start turning the encoder to the right. Lowering the position from the center wll progressively generate encoder turns to the left. The sensitivity is defined by the distance to the fader center position.

The output virtual encoder doesn't stop sending events.

You need to set the respective input fader level to the middle position.

    Element Options

Encoder Count

Number of encoder outputs


Sensitivity goes from slowest rate to fastest rate


Enable Element   Button LUA Script

Enable this element

Disable Element   Button LUA Script

Disable this element

Change Element Page   Button LUA Script

Changes the page on this element
  • Change Type: The change type - one of {Next, Previous, Go To}
  • Change to Page: Change to specific page, when Change Type is "Go To"

Fader Control   Fader LUA Script

Input for a fader
  • Encoder Number: The number of the Encoder to control


Encoder 1   Encoder